by Marie Wilson

Who is Bob Hope?


In the original draft of my novel, The Gorgeous Girls, one of the characters wears a Bob Hope golf sweater as she sips her Lavender Hound at a local Toronto bar called Cocktail. But my editor at Harper Collins thought the reference was too obscure so it got changed to just another ordinary cardigan. But I still can’t quite believe that people don’t know who the comedian with the ski-slope nose was/is. Come on, you all know who Hope is, right? He was a funny man who appeared in funny movies from ’34 through to ’86, among them: The Lemon Drop Kid, Sorrowful Jones, Road to Morocco (and five other flicks in the hilarious Road To series). Woody Allen loves Bob Hope and took more than a few pages out of his comedy book. And Hope loved golf. He carried a club when he did standup and he wore golf sweaters. He once said: “I’d give up golf if I didn’t have so many sweaters.”

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One thought on “Who is Bob Hope?

  1. terri

    too bad the golf shirt reference wasn’t kept in whether it was obscure or not….part of the fun of reading a novel is to recognize references and part of it is to learn something….don’t know who Bob Hope was and that he wore golf sweaters?…look it up…after all history isn’t just about wars and ancient people, history is what is past …everyone should want to know who Bob Hope was

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