Breaking Up Into Small Pieces

Yvonne’s hands glide over your body with a touch as smooth as velvet as she takes you deep into the relaxation provided by Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. Relax your muscles, open your heart, be transformed.

IMG_2363_phixrOver the course of two hours you’ll feel like you’re flying with frigate birds over the sea (whose sustained flight has inspired Lomi Lomi Flying Dance) or just floating in a world where there are no thoughts. Beautiful Hawaian music fills the room as Yvonne practices the ancient technique of Lomi Lomi, which means “breaking up into small pieces”.

“In other words Lomi Lomi breaks up old patterns in one’s life and presents an opportunity for new awareness and conscious choices for one’s life to move forward.” – from Yvonne’s Check it out: you’ll find testimonials, information, & a video of Yvonne in action, moving like an ocean breeze over a happy client.

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  1. Thank you, Marie, for sharing your beautiful experience of receiving your LOMI LOMI Hawaiian massage session from me. I enjoy this “work” so much! I can’t tell you what joy and satisfaction I have from continuing to bring this experience of unconditional love through flowing movement massage, warm oil, beautiful music, and complete respect for each person who chooses to have a session, thus entering into a rite of passage. This means an opportunity to grow in one’s deeper connection with one’s own true, beautiful integrity for life. I invite people to look up my website , and to call me by phone, or write by email to book their appointment, if they feel it’s right for them.
    ALOHA! Yvonne (Toronto, Canada)