by Marie Wilson




You relax on a bench in a pastoral churchyard on a busy east end corner and feel the tension leave your body. You become aware of several blazing red messages being flashed out Morse-Code-like from a sign to your left. You get up to read them but before you finish the first one another has taken its place. You become obsessed with reading them all. You wonder if the scarlet flashes might be never-ending.You hope to catch again the ones that got away before you grasped their meaning. You become uncertain as to where you are in the cycle of blood-red words. You get your cell out to snap them for later review but by then you’re feeling out of sorts. You turn your back on the faux Vegas display.


You start to walk away. You feel like you need a drink. You glance back, take one last shot and head for the nearest bar.

Church sign

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