by Marie Wilson

Marilyn & Mimosa

Marilyn had a good cool-off trick in The Seven Year Itch: she put her “undies in the icebox”. As good: put an iced bottle of bubbly between your thighs, as you sit on the patio in your sundress or shorts. Better than a cold compress to the head! Now pop the cork, squeeze some oranges & pour the fresh oj into a chilled flute, add the champagne. Kick back & let this sparkling mimosa tickle your innards.

Marilyn-Monroe-cocktailIn Part Two of The Gorgeous Girls, Wanda and Constance drink mimosas at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, while figuring out what went wrong with Wanda’s relationship. Believe me, mimosas can help with your love life. Now go put your iced knickers on!


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