by Marie Wilson

Night of Wonder


Was the ghost of Frederico Fellini walking among us? Or had the carnival come to town? Bells tinkled, tea lights flickered, creatures lumbered and danced down a hillside. The air crackled with magic and wonder.


Voices sang quietly, lazy notes from a clarinet wafted on the summer breeze. A big round glowing moon floated down the hill. Was Glinda stopping by to greet Fellini? The moon came to a stop and –


– a shadow king appeared on its illuminated surface. A story was told in both English & Mandarin. It was acted out in silhouette behind the luminous sphere, while people in white prepared colourful lanterns off to one side.


More people in white, lit by tiny red spotlights, moved rhythmically in a circle and began chanting. Now it seemed Ray Bradbury’s Dark Carnival had arrived in the park. Something wicked this way comes…


Was that ET’s mom looming over the small crowd that had gathered to watch, ghostly white and expressionless? The chanting grew till it seemed a holy frenzy would ensue. Then all came to a hush & finally to a halt.  People & creatures bowed as applause erupted from the crowd. This had been a presentation of the Bain Arts Collective, a creative & questing group of artists, of which I am one.

Thanks to the many wonderful souls who made this a great event. And a special thanks to Aaron Schwartz for his support and for doing the post on the top photo here.

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