by Marie Wilson

McQueen, the Queen & Burr

I saw Queen Victoria in the loo at Steve McQueen’s pad in New York City. Really. I also espied her powdering her nose (and wig) at Aaron Burr’s stables right next door. Let me explain: there’s a restaurant in the West Village called “One If By Land, Two If By Sea” and it’s located in Burr’s former carriage house (built in 1767) and has an adjoining dining room, which is where Steve bunked in the swinging 60s. My paramour and I were having dinner there. As for HRH, it was Halloween (you have to see NYC on Halloween!) Alas, I did not see the ghost of Steve McQueen nor Aaron Burr but I have thought about writing a play where the two of them hang out together. Burr: What was it like shooting The Great Escape? McQueen: Great. What was it like shooting Alexander Hamilton? Burr: Not so great. I had regrets.

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