by Marie Wilson

Senator Restaurant

IMG_2421I love writing in restaurants and cafes and bars. I wrote a lot of my novel The Gorgeous Girls in such establishments. The Senator on Victoria Street is one of the best eateries for penning a novel or screenplay or love letter. It’s Toronto’s oldest surviving restaurant, setting up shop in the late 19th century. Its décor and fixtures are the same as when it was reinvented in 1948 by George Nicolau. That could be Sam Spade in the corner booth. Located just across the street from two beautiful old theatres that began life as vaudeville houses, theatrical types regularly lunch at The Senator. Order the legendary egg salad sandwich and a coffee and write your tome at the counter or in the seclusion of a booth.The conversation around you could fill a novel and more. Overheard recently: “Antiseptic, anorexic and frigid!” About whom? It’s your novel, make it up.



2 thoughts on “Senator Restaurant

  1. Aaron Schwartz

    Not only do you delight with your words, apparently egged on (ahem) by the appropriate sandwiches, but you make mighty good photographs, too. I can only marvel. Well, I could do more, but for now I’ll just marvel.

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