by Marie Wilson

Trashing My World


6 a.m. – A loud crash-boom from the street. I awake instantly and go to my window. A large man is standing amidst the street trash wielding a sledgehammer. Repeatedly he brings it down on a small black box sitting on the sidewalk – a microwave or computer or stereo. Crash-boom! Finally he stops and bends down to withdraw the box’s heart, some kind of motor. Severing its arteries, the last wires that hold it to its battered body, the man takes his prize and his sledgehammer, gets into his idling car and drives off.IMG_5540_phixrI live on a street of great garbage: good finds for your house or garden, stuff to upcycle or restore to its old glory. But of course, there’s a downside, like the lumberjack at dawn, or the many idling cars that spew exhaust into the air while their drivers pick (city by-law limits idling to 30 seconds but many motorists are oblivious) or the professional pickers who noisily rummage around through metal bits at 2 am. And, of course, one must become an expert in pest detection and control if one is to consider street furniture or objets d’art. I know people who steam clean found items and then wrap them in plastic for months before bringing them into their homes.IMG_2317_phixr_phixrSaving these wonderful discards from landfill is another great reason for rescue but you need to know what you’re doing. And if you’re doing it outside my home, do me and the air a favour and turn your engine off while you pick. Also, ssshhhhh…please…especially if it’s morning. Merci!



5 thoughts on “Trashing My World

  1. Sue Middleton

    If those guitars could speak I wonder what secrets they would tell! Lovely piece Marie, and it is heart breaking , we discard everything too readily these days. From old shoes to people….love your work, takes the edge off mediocrity! XXXXXX

  2. Marie Wilson Post author

    Thanks so much, Sue, for your encouraging reviews and thoughtful insights! And thank you, Elizabeth, for your delightful comment and reflections on life as art!

  3. #whatsvictorupto

    And Sue if they could type they’d type it right the first time, #whatsvictorupto Elizabeth life is still art when lived with heART.

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